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 We call this our City Park model, which fits nicely on a 80 x 100 lot.

                                 The floor plan even as room for a backyard pool. 

The Mid-City Shopping Center along N. Carrollton Ave. is scheduled to get started in 2012.

                                  Mid-City has a mix of affordable neighborhood to build your new home.

Having mature trees makes it possible to enjoy a shaded rear patio. 

                         City Park is a short walk away and has many new improvements on the way! 

New Design Studios combines cutting-edge design solutions with 30 years of experience to produce unique and stunning results for your new home or renovation. We give each client a personalized solution that takes into account individual budget, needs, and lifestyle. 

We believe good design emanates from cost-efficient construction techniques and a professional eye for finishes. Drawing a floor plan is merely the beginning of designing your future home. What will truly define your space will be colors, materials, and the use of good lighting. New Design Studios can guide you through the entire process, so that your plan works seamlessly with your original intentions. We strive to create flexible, livable spaces that are as suited to daily life, as they are stylish and entertaining.

 We have only succeeded when you are excited about the results, and we can say this is just the right home solution for you.

New Design Studios 

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New Design Studios looks forward to being involved in finding you a Mid-City floor plan. 

After the design phase is complete, Omni Builders will be able to get started on your home.  

  Omni Builders - we build homes the way you want to live. 

New Mediterranean Home

Here is something on the boards from New Design Studios.......

            Site Plan of the Mediterranean II

                                      Front view of the Mediterrean II

        Pool and Loggia of the Mediterranean II

 New Home New Orleans - for what is being built around New Orleans

                                          Kitchen and Leasure room

We are looking for an available lot that is at least 70' wide to build the Mediterranean II, and using Craigslist to help locate a lead.